​1. How Much Will It Cost?


Each event is a customized event with your design specifications, therefore until we have all of your objectives/goals , design ideas and budgets there is not way to offer  you a quote until the details are discussed.

2.  How much notice do I need to give to schedule my event?


We suggest as much time as possible.  You want to reserve your date and confirm your venue as soon a s possible.

3.  Can you help me with party planning ideas?


YES. Our event designers are all from this area and are very familiar with the venues and vendors that will help make your party a success. When you call, we can help you put together a list of ideas that will match your budget and taste.

4.  How can I get a quote?


Just call us at: 1.888.885.1116 toll-free.  We are happy to provide FREE, no-obligation quotes for you.

5.  My party is just a short time away. Can you help?


YES. Please contact us immediately and we will get on it

6.  Why should you hire an event planner?


There are many things to consider when planning your event, especially if you are planning a wedding. Hiring an event planner is a way to get the information you need, hire the vendors that will accomplish your ideas the best, and throw an event that will delight everyone involved, including yourself. Though many people are capable of planning a private party or event themselves, when it comes down to getting every last detail perfect, this is where an event planner can help.


7.  My location provides a coordinator. Why are your services better?
Though providing a coordinator may seem convenient, our services will afford you the ability to create an event that will accomplish all your ideas for your event. We provide much more than the coordination for your event. Our services include many pre-event meetings, arranging vendors, decorating, coordinating the actual event and overseeing the timelines that you have put forth. Our coordinators are available for any issues that might arise, and they are available for the full duration of the event. Location coordinators often can not offer their time in such a way, and are only concentrating on parts of your wedding such as the ceremony. Therefore, Lenee' Valentine, Inc. can provide many services that the location's coordinator cannot.

8.  I am operating on a small budget, can I still afford a wedding planner?
Absolutely! In many cases, having a small budget would benefit from a wedding planner because we will be able to create a wedding that will be as beautiful as you wish while remaining within your budget restraints. We will be able to work with vendors to get you the best deal and best quality for your wedding. Also, we are willing to create a package for our services that will make hiring a wedding planner the most important part of keeping to your limited budget.

9.  Can I choose the vendors I would like to use, or do you have to choose for us?
The coordinators at Lenee' Valentine, Inc have standing relationships with many event and wedding vendors. Many of them are the best in their service. Therefore, we will recommend vendors based on your needs and our relationships with certain vendors. However, we will not stop you from using any vendor of your choice and will work with that vendor to achieve your overall needs for the event